DuPont? Tyvek® Vivia represents a sustainable solution for wide format printing??delivering a rich, velvety finish that(s) easy to print, with excellent drapeability and durability.


Resembling scrimless vinyl, yet more luxuriousto the touch, DuPont? Tyvek® Vivia combines the trusted performance of DuPont? Tyvek® print media with a proprietary coating developed by DuPont to deliver superior print quality, drapeability and flexibility in wide format applications. Just as with traditional Tyvek®,Tyvek® Vivia can also be recycled at centers that recycle flexible high density polyethyleneproducts??a meaningful advantage for today(s) environmentally-sensitive printers.Excellent drapeability/crease resistanceDuPont? Tyvek® Vivia has a soft, fabric-like drape with subtle substance that allows it to hang exceptionally well. In addition, it has low memory which helps resist creases, curls and wrinkles for an appearance that continues to look like new.Superior print qualityThe proprietary coating on DuPont? Tyvek® Vivia creates an unusually bright, white finish as well as excellent ink adhesion, which allow for outstanding reproduction quality of detailed graphics and bold photography. DuPont? Tyvek® Vivia is particularly suitable for UV-cure inkjet and screen printing.


Banners and signs made with DuPont? Tyvek® Vivia deliver excellent printability for bold graphics, resist creases for a more polished look and offer superior durability for indoor and outdoor applications.


DuPont Ink Jet Banner Media with Tyvek®

Rugged and durable; resists tears, fading and water damage. DuPont Banner Media made with Tyvek® exhibits excellent whiteness, brightness, opacity and color fidelity.


DuPont™ Tyvek® Print Media

Indoor and outdoor signs and banners made with DuPont™ Tyvek® print media are strong, lightweight and easy to handle, without fear of ripping or tearing.