Introducing Plexiglas Vision!

We are pleased to introduce Arkema's Plexiglas® Vision acrylic sheet, their newest innovation for overhead and rear projection screens.

Its super brilliant sheet design and high contrast ratio make images visible from every angle, up-close, far away, on one-side or both. Going beyond conventional video and graphic effects for commercial and retail environments, Plexiglas® Vision acrylic sheet lets you provide you with unique product options.
Plexiglas® Vision

Features and benefits include:

  • Half the weight of glass.
  • Viewing angle of 10 to 170 degrees.
  • Available in an impact version, reducing breakage.
  • Avoid reflection when viewed on fine-matte side.
  • Material can be cut into unique shapes or thermoformed.
  • Projection can be from either side of sheet.
  • High contrast ratio, suitable for 4:3 and 16:9 formats.
  • White sheets available for holographic effects.
  • Colorless sheets for scratch and impact resistance.
  • Enables unique indoor architecture and spectacular murals.

Please contact your local Laird Plastics representative today and request a product demonstration. Once you have a better understanding of the product you will want to use it for your POP, display, trade show and exhibit needs.